This season you have #nfl games with more roughing the passer calls than actual touchdowns. Quite annoying to watch…

Podcast: Toxic Masculinity, Sexism, and Industrial – Cemetery Confessions

This month we are revisiting the topic of sexism within industrial music and culture. While Cemetery Confessions itself is specifically about goth, there’s no denying that there’s a historical propinquity of industrial and goth musically and culturally, and as such goths and industrialists often share experiences and spaces. We discuss misogyny historically, debate whether or not anything has changed, relate personal run ins with this behavior and a lot more.

Hier geht es zur Podcastfolge

Letztes Heimspiel der Saison. Eine von zwei Möglichkeiten in die Playoffs zu kommen. Unicorns @ Mercenaries #🏈

Ihr wollt 🏈 schauen?? Dann hier entlang. Stuttgart Scorpions @ Marburg Mercenaries. Kickoff ist 16:00 Uhr.