Cleaning Keys of the Logitech K760

The return key of my Logitech K760 has gotten sticky. It simply wouldn’t jump back up as quickly as usually did. So I googled how to clean and/or open the K760. But I didn’t find helpful tips.

So I tried to get the keys off on my own.

As you may see you have to jimmy up the keys from below.

The opened shift key, still hooked in at the top

When you have cleaned the inside of the key and the plastic mechanism below, simply hook the key back in at the top of the key, then press it down, till it snaps back in. You’re done.

The difference

As expected it’s not the same with the return key. You have to jimmy up from the left.

The inside of the return key

After cleaning hook it back in at the right, press it down. Done.

The mechanism below the return key

I hope this helps somebody out.

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