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Noch immer auf die Ohren

Am 08.03.2012 habe ich hier einmal gepostet, was ich für Podcasts höre. Seitdem ist einiges an Zeit vergangen. Nachdem ich mich neulich im Jabber mal wieder über Podcasts unterhalten habe hier die aktuelle Liste von dem was ich höre.

Kleine Anmerkung: Es sind ein paar Podcasts dabei, bei denen keine neuen Folgen mehr erscheinen. Ich behalte diese aber im Podcatcher in der leisen Hoffnung, dass sie einmal fortgesetzt werden.

A graph from the Apple Health app

Exporting your Health data when you start having much data

Since I have the Apple Watch I collect much more data in the Health App from Apple. A couple of days ago I wanted to get the latest data from the App so I could look what data was collected.

Apple provides a rather simple way to get your data.

The data tab of the health app. The sharing icon is marked with a circle

An alert asking if you really want to export you data. It may take a while.

At the Data tab you can tell the app to export your data. The app will make two XML Files and zip them together. After the zipping the app pulls up a share sheet for this zip archive. This process takes some time. In my case it took several minutes.

A popup stating that your data is being exported.

The iOS share sheet. Run Workflow ist marked with a rectangle.

Usually I sent myself an Email the the archive attached. But this time the archive was to big and the mail server rejected the mail. So I needed another way. I first thought, hey let’s upload the file to my server via Transmit. But for some reason the share sheet does not Transmit as an option. But I saw the share sheet offered that I could run a workflow from the Workflow app.

Turns out with a few steps you can upload this and any other data with Transmit when you setup a workflow.

First you have to create a new workflow.

The "My Workflows" section in the workflow app

In the details of the workflow choose “Action Extension” because that is what we want. Have a look that the workflow accepts Anything as input.

Then tap action.

The new workflow screen in the workflow app. Action Extension and Actions are highlighted.

From the actions categories choose the Sharing item.

The actions list in workflow. The item Sharing is highlighted

From the sharing actions choose Share with Transmit and drag it over into the workflow.

Sharing action list in workflow. The Share with Transmit item is highlighted.

Now tap the gear icon to access the workflow settings.

The sharing workflow. It accepts Anything as input. The gear icon is highlighted.

Here you can change the name and the icon.

The settings of the workflow. Name and Icon are highlighted.

I chose yellow and a truck as the icon.

The icon settings page with the color palette open. Yellow is highlighted. An arrow points at the Glyph tab.

The icon settings with the glyphs tab open. In this tab the objects tab is opened and highlighted. A truck icon is also highlighted.

Now just accept the settings and the workflow is ready.

When you now pull up the share sheet in Health and you tap Run Workflow you can run this workflow.

The workflow selection screen. One of the workflows is the newly created workflow for Transmit.

This workflow will pull up Transmit. Here you can save your health data locally or upload it directly to a server of your choice.

The Transmit screen for local documents. The local tab an the save button are highlighted.

And what did I get?? A zip archive with 8MB, containing 2 XML files; 11MB and 152,7MB.

The Cure im neuen Gewand

Gestern bekam ich mal wieder einen Newsletter. Und kurze Zeit später hatte ich zugeschlagen.

Es geht um die Platte “A Strange Play – An Alfa Matrix Tribute To The Cure”. Auf der Platte sind unterschiedliche Acts des Labels Alfa Matrix, die The Cure covern. Dabei bekannte Titel wie “Friday I’m in love” aber auch unbekanntere Songs. Ich habe hier mal “Close to me” von Metroland verlinkt*:

Wenn ihr in die ganze Platte reinhören wollt hier entlang.

Kostenpunkt für die ganze Platte bei Bandcamp (mit zwei zusätzlichen Tracks): 15€